The Harbour Lights Campaign Inc. is a registered charity.

The mission of The Harbour Lights Campaign Inc. is to coordinate fundraising for 16 food banks in Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada on an annual basis and to disperse the funds raised to those food banks.  The Campaign primarily occurs during the month of December each year via a founding partnership of CBC Radio One in Saint John and Port Saint John, and with supporting partner Saint John Energy and a Board of Directors with ties to the community and the food banks.

While the fundraising of this campaign occurs during the holiday period each year, food banks have the greatest needs outside the holiday period when people do not traditionally think of giving.  For this reason, the campaign continues to receive funds into the New Year and the funds raised are dispersed at the end of January.  The funds raised through Harbour Lights have become a staple for the food banks and see them through the hard winter months when their traditional donation streams are greatly reduced but their need is greatest.

Today, a few years into its third decade, the Harbour Lights Campaign continues to be a symbol of the holiday spirit and the generosity of the people of southwestern New Brunswick.

Saint John Harbour Lights Tree